Moving to Switzerland: Step 6

Accommodation Premise: Rents in Switzerland are the most expensive in Europe and finding a good place can be very difficult. Having an accommodation is however a prerequisite to get a permit. In this post you will get useful advises and inputs on how to find an accommodation in Switzerland. Despite my bunnies have an muchContinue reading “Moving to Switzerland: Step 6”

Moving to Switzerland: Step 3

Legal opportunities Premise: If you’re already on step 3 you are probably and hopefully convinced that moving to Switzerland is the right choice for you. Great! Now it’s time to get into the real planning! On step 3 we will talk about the ways to find the way to come to Switzerland. 🙂 The pictureContinue reading “Moving to Switzerland: Step 3”

Moving to Switzerland: Step 2

PROs & CONs Premise: There is always a reason why someone wants to move to Switzerland…is it for love? or because it’s a politically stable place? Is is the salary? In any case, nothing is perfect! For every decision you’re taking, you will have some positive and negative consequences and you need to know yourContinue reading “Moving to Switzerland: Step 2”