Moving to Switzerland: Step 4

Learn the language Premise: In Switzerland we speak German, French, Italian and Romansh, depending on the region. Of course you will find many people that speak at least a bit of English, but you cannot rely on them on a long term (since you want to integrate properly). Before you start searching for an accommodationContinue reading “Moving to Switzerland: Step 4”

Swiss Supermarkets and food stores

Switzerland’s “Good to know” Premise: There are plenty of supermarkets and food stores in Switzerland. Since restaurants are pretty expensive, buying food from a store will make you save a lot of money. Here a list of the main supermarkets and food stores: MIGROS: Is the number 1 supermarket in Switzerland. You can find itContinue reading “Swiss Supermarkets and food stores”

How to pay your bills in Switzerland

Switzerland’s “Good to know” Premise: Money, money, money…that’s Switzerland! You will earn a lot of money, but you will also pay a lot! If you don’t know how…you will find here some useful info! -> What kind of bills? Here some examples: Once a month: TV/Internet/Phone provider, health insurance, rent, credits Every 3 or 6Continue reading “How to pay your bills in Switzerland”

Switzerland’s “Good to know”

Category: Supermarkets & food MIGROS vs. COOP: what is the difference between the two main Swiss supermarkets? Swiss supermarkets and food stores: Where do you can buy food in Switzerland? Category: Accommodation Accommodation vocabulary: find the translation in German, French and Italian Category: Payments How to pay your bills: How to pay your bills inContinue reading “Switzerland’s “Good to know””

Bonus: The integration formula

The integration formula: According to dictionary “integration is the action or process of successfully joining or mixing with a different group of people“. Considering the two keywords “action” and “process” and based on my experience I created this (pseudo-mathematical) formula: I will explain every single part of the formula starting from left: For all math-haters,Continue reading “Bonus: The integration formula”


Switzerland’s “Good to know” Premise: Coop and Migros are very often placed next to each other, so you really can choose in which supermarket you want to go. In this post, I will list the main similarities and differences between Migros and Coop. Similarities: Both are supermarkets, where you can buy food and other everyContinue reading “MIGROS vs. COOP”