Move to Switzerland: Find a job!

Premise: Find a job in Switzerland can be difficult and challenging. In this post you will find 5 advises for your job reserach and a list of websites where you can search for a new job! 5 advises on how to find a job in Switzerland: Language: For the majority of jobs you will needContinue reading “Move to Switzerland: Find a job!”

Switzerland’s “Good to know”: Accommodation vocabulary

Find here a list of vocabulary in German, French and Italian to help you find an accommodation! English German French Italian Accommodation Unterkunft Hébergement Alloggio Flat / Apartment Wohnung Plat Appartamento House Haus Maison Casa Room Zimmer Pièce Camera / Stanza Shared apartment WG = Wohngemeinschaft Appartement partagé Appartamento condiviso Halls of residence Wohnheim DortoirContinue reading “Switzerland’s “Good to know”: Accommodation vocabulary”

Move to Switzerland: Accommodation

Premise: Rents in Switzerland are the most expensive in Europe and finding a good place can be very difficult. Having an accommodation is however a prerequisite to get a permit. In this post you will get useful advises and inputs on how to find an accommodation in Switzerland. Good to know: In this post IContinue reading “Move to Switzerland: Accommodation”

Move to Switzerland: How much money?

Premise: Switzerland is the most expensive country in Europe, so sooner or later, you will need to deal with the question “How much money do I need to move to Switzerland?”. Unfortunately, there is no universal answer, but I will give my best to give you some good estimates! Overall, the more money, the better!Continue reading “Move to Switzerland: How much money?”

Move to Switzerland: Legal opportunities

Premise: If you’re already on step 4 you are probably and hopefully convinced that moving to Switzerland is the right choice for you. Great! Now it’s time to get into the real planning! On step 4 we will talk about the ways to find the way to come to Switzerland :). By the way, whenContinue reading “Move to Switzerland: Legal opportunities”

Move to Switzerland: The real reasons

Premise: When I tell people that I live in Switzerland, it happens that some of them expect that I am already a millionaire and that I’m earning 10.000 euro per month without really working. Unfortunately, even with a Master and a couple of years of work experience in Switzerland I am not even close toContinue reading “Move to Switzerland: The real reasons”

Move to Switzerland: Integration

Premise: Indipendently if you are moving to Switzerland or another country, the ultimative goal you should have is to properly integrate in the new country. I know so many people that physically live in Switzerland, but de facto live in their own small and isolated parallel universe. Every single of them is making his lifeContinue reading “Move to Switzerland: Integration”

Move to Switzerland: Introduction

Dear friend,if you are reading this, you are thinking about or you are already planning to move to Switzerland. It also means that you are sensible enough to know that moving to another country and start a new life is a big project that needs a lot of effort, time and energy.Perhaps you already feltContinue reading “Move to Switzerland: Introduction”

Move to Switzerland: Table of contents

Introduction: A short welcome post from Gerdakwnows. Click here. Step 1 “Integration”: An explanation about what integration in a new country means and how it can be described in a pseudo-mathematical formula. Click here. Step 2 “The real reason”: A post to make you rethink about the reason(s) why you want to move to SwitzerlandContinue reading “Move to Switzerland: Table of contents”