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Since more than a year I’m using the symptothermal method as a way of contraception (in combination with condoms during fertile days). In this post I want to share my personal opinion about this efficient but not very known method.

  1. What is the symptothermal method?
  2. Why did I choose the symptothermal method?
  3. What does my boyfriend think about the symptothermal method?
  4. How did I start to use the symtothermal method?
  5. Why do I recommend the symptothermal method?
1 .What is the symptothermal method

The symptothermal method is a method to define fertile and infertile days of your cycle based on your basal body temperature and observations such as your cervix fluid and cervix position. Since with this method you know which days you’re fertile, you can use the method to avoid pregnancy but also to get pregnant. If you’re using it as a contraceptive method, you will need to either avoid having sex or using another contraception (e.g. condoms) during your fertile days.

2. Why did I choose the symptothermal method

Choosing the symptothermal method was a process that took several weeks. It all started when I met my current boyfriend and (as reasonable as we are :)) he was always using condoms. When the relationship got more serious there was a wish (especially from his side) to find an alternative to that “physical barrier between you and your partner”. Our knowledge at that time was: We either use a “physical contraception” (e.g. condoms) or a “hormonal contraception” (e.g. pill).

Many years ago I was taking the pill for about 2-3 years. Unfortunately, I had to stop taking the pill because I realized how big its impact was on my mood, libido and mental health. I had the feeling that the hormones were changing me. For this reason, taking hormones, where not an option for me anymore.

So what then? I started researching for alternatives and discovered the symptothermal method. This was the compromise that me and my boyfriend could both accept: No additional hormones for me and (partially) no condoms for him!

3. What does my boyfriend things about the symptothermal method?

When I first told my boyfriend about the symptothermal method he was really not so enthusiastic as I was ๐Ÿ™‚

At the beginning, he could not understand why taking the pill was such a problem for me, considering that millions of women are using the pill everyday. I told him about my own side effects and found some good resources about common side effects of the pill. As he told me later, there was a bit of toxic masculinity in his believes.

Also, he wasn’t trusting the fact that making love without protection during the infertile days was safe. What if the method was not working? We spend a lot of time researching about the topic, about the details of the female cycle and about the symptothermal method itself. I tried to involve him as much as possible in the learning process, for example I showed him my body observations (such as the changes of my cervix fluid) and the changes of my temperature measurement. Still, there was no way to show him that the symptothermal method was working without trying it!

Eventually I could convince him that the method should get a chance. My boyfriend totally trusts me and I’m glad that he’s fighting against the common believes, he’s open minded and he is caring also for my well being!

4. How did I start to use the symptothermal method?

I learned using the symptothermal method whit an organization that is providing its own symptothermal method system. I have access to the system from my app and from the website. At the beginning I got an information handbook and an online introduction with my personal tutor. For the following months I could contact my tutor for questions and she was also checking my observations regularly.

At the beginning I was a bit lost and overwhelmed because I didn’t want to make a mistake. There was a lot of responsibility on me! With time and the help of the tutor everything was much easier. After a couple of months I knew how my body was changing throughout the cycle and what that meant. The best thing was that I slowly saw some patterns in my cycle. For example the fact that often around day 22 I am emotionally very unstable (depression, crying, etc.). I felt very powerful when I finally could predict my PMS and I could warn my boyfriend ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Why do I recommend the symptothermal method

I recommend the symptothermal method because I finally learned to read and understand my body. I see how naturally it’s changing during the cycle and what the changes mean. I noticed how my self-awarness increased and how I can describe body observations and mood changes much better than before. This finding is the main reason why I would recommend the method.

Also, the symptothermal method allows couples to share the responsibility of contraception: The woman has to report all observation to define the fertile and infertile days in a reliable way and the man has to always use protection during fertile days.

Finally, the symptothermal method is a bit time consuming and costly at the beginning (registration, tutor and thermometer) but as soon as you know how to use it it takes less than a minute a day and it’s for free!

I hope this information are useful! Please note, that this post bases on my own opinion and I cannot guarantee the correctness and completeness of the information. If you want to share your opinion or if you have further questions don’t hesitate to write a comment or contact me!

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