Swiss Supermarkets and food stores

Switzerland’s “Good to know”

Premise: There are plenty of supermarkets and food stores in Switzerland. Since restaurants are pretty expensive, buying food from a store will make you save a lot of money. Here a list of the main supermarkets and food stores:

MIGROS: Is the number 1 supermarket in Switzerland. You can find it in different sizes (M = small, MM = medium and MMM = big). You can find food, everyday items and depending of the size also electronics, clothes, flowers/plants, etc. at a very good price. Migros doesn’t sell alcohol and tobacco!

COOP: Is the second main supermarket in Switzerland. Quantitatively and qualitatively it’s very similar to Migros. Coop sells alcohol and tobacco! For more Info about the difference between Migros and Coop, check my previous post!

ALDI and LIDL: These German low-cost supermarkets came to Switzerland many years ago and are now well established. They are usually found on the outskirts of cities.

DENNER: Is a small/medium size and low-cost food store which is located both in cities center and in rural areas. It usually has a big alcohol and sweets selection.

VOLG: Volg is a store which is very popular in the German part of Switzerland and is mainly located in small villages and rural areas. The stores are small but you can find food and everyday items. Volg often sells local food and is usually a bit more expensive than the above mentioned supermarkets.

SPAR: Similarly to Volg, you can find Spar in rural areas. The food stores are relatively small and comparable to Volg.

MIGROLINO, COOP PRONTO and SPAR EXPRESS: You can often find these stores near a gas station or at the train station. The stores are small and the opening hours are much longer than normal supermarkets/food stores. The selection is not very big and the products are a bit more expensive than in their big brother companies Migros, Coop and Spar.

Did I forget a company? Please write a comment and tell me where you buy your food!

Gerdaknows is not a legal counselor and does not take any responsibilities about the correctness and completeness of the information. Gerdaknows does not tolerate racism, sexism, insults, mobbing, etc..

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