How to pay your bills in Switzerland

Switzerland’s “Good to know”

Premise: Money, money, money…that’s Switzerland! You will earn a lot of money, but you will also pay a lot! If you don’t know how…you will find here some useful info!

-> What kind of bills? Here some examples:

  • Once a month: TV/Internet/Phone provider, health insurance, rent, credits
  • Every 3 or 6 months: Electricity/Water, car insurance
  • Once a year: Other insurances, taxes, Radio/TV fee (Serafe)

-> Getting a bill: Usually you get a bill by mail or by email. In both cases you have to check the letterbox resp. email inbox regularly. Also, don’t forget to put your name on the letterbox! You usually have 30 days to pay your bill (except taxes, fees, fines).

-> Paying your bills by online banking: The modern way to pay bills is by online banking: If your bank is providing online banking you can pay your bills from your bank’s website/app. You need to provide the creditor’s name, address, IBAN and reference number.

-> Paying your bills at the post office: The traditional way to pay your bills is at the post office. This can be done in 5 steps:

  • 1) Collect all your bills that you got by mail, detached the orange part (payment slip = DE: Einzahlungsschein, FR: Bulletin de versement, IT: Polizza di versamento).
  • 2) If you don’t have a payment slip, you can ask at the post office for a blank one (like in the picture) and fill the payment slip by yourself. Under the ETH website you find an example on how the filled in payment slip should look like (on the example of a university semester invoice).
  • 3) Calculate the total sum of all your bills. The post office employees will always ask you for this information as an internal control, so make sure to be ready. If you don’t speak well the language, you can write the amount on a paper and show it at the post office counter.
  • 4) Go to the post office, give the employee all your payment slips and tell/show the total amount. Pay with cash, credit card, postcard or debit card.
  • 5) You will get back your receipts (the left part of the payment slip) with the post office stamp. Keep the receipts as a proof that you paid the bills.

You can find some other ways to pay your bills on the Swiss government website.

Gerdaknows is not a legal counselor and does not take any responsibilities about the correctness and completeness of the information. Gerdaknows does not tolerate racism, sexism, insults, mobbing, etc..

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