Moving to Switzerland: Step 7

Find a job

Premise: Find a job in Switzerland can be difficult and challenging. For this reason, you will need a lot of time, energy and a bit of luck!

On these websites you can search for a job in Switzerland:

What also matters:

  • Language: For the majority of jobs you will need at least one or even two Swiss languages. It is crucial to have a good or very good level (B1/B2 or C1) of German/French or Italian! Some companies will even ask for Swiss German. Write the levels in your CV and send a copy of your language certificates on request.
  • Education and experience: Be aware that many foreign degrees and certificates are not valid or not valued in Switzerland. The same applies for work experiences abroad. A Swiss certificate/degree and work experience in Switzerland can really help you. There a plenty of schools you can attend in the evening or weekends. Be aware that many schools will be in German/French or Italian!
  • Competition: People from all around the world want to work in Switzerland. You will compete with many Swiss and foreign people, so make sure that you seriously want the job when you apply.
  • Don’t expect too much: You have a high position in your country and you expect to have the same position in Switzerland? That can happen but is not very common. Usually your first job will be on a lower position, due to all points mentioned above.
  • Swiss thoroughness: Application letters and CVs are not Gerdaknows’ posts…so make sure that your documents are free from typos and other mistakes. 😉 Answer emails and requests right away and research about the company you want to work for. Also, make sure to arrive on time and prepared on job interviews.

Conclusion: Finding a good job in Switzerland is not easy. Start to apply on time and don’t be sad if you don’t find something right away! Write on a list the potential companies, positions and websites. Check regularly for new offers!

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