Moving to Switzerland: Step 6


Premise: Rents in Switzerland are the most expensive in Europe and finding a good place can be very difficult. Having an accommodation is however a prerequisite to get a permit. In this post you will get useful advises and inputs on how to find an accommodation in Switzerland.

Despite my bunnies have an much bigger wooden house they prefer to chill in this small and destroyed one. My bunnies pay the rent with cuteness.

Accommodation: On these websites you can search for accommodations:

Advice 1: Many websites and/or offers are in German/French/Italian. This is another reason why you should learn the language(s). As a small help, you can check here a post with some important accommodation vocabulary translated in German, French and Italian.

Advice 2: If you are a student, ask your university for help: Usually they have rooms for foreign students for a very good price.

Advice 3: Switzerland has really good public transport, so you don’t need to live right next to your future working place. Consider also offers that are a bit more far away, sometimes you can save a lot of money.

Conclusion: Finding an accommodation in Switzerland is not easy. It will be easier if you are flexible with the type of accommodation (e.g. shared apartment, single room or apartment in sublet), you increase the radius of research and consider also offers in German/French/Italian. Also, plan a lot of time and check regularly for new offers.

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