Switzerland’s “Good to know”

Premise: Coop and Migros are very often placed next to each other, so you really can choose in which supermarket you want to go. In this post, I will list the main similarities and differences between Migros and Coop.


  • Both are supermarkets, where you can buy food and other every day items
  • You can find them in every medium and big city in Switzerland
  • They have both an online shop/ delivery (Migros online / Coop at home)
  • They both extended their activities in other “fields”: A.o. banks (Migros bank / Coop bank), electronic stores (M-electronics / Interdiscount), gas stations (Migrol / Coop pronto) and Do-it yourself stores ( Migros Do it / Coop Bau + Hobby)
  • Both have a points system to get vouchers and discounts (Cumulus Card / Supercard)
  • Both have own products AND brand products
  • Both have an own low-price brand : M-Budget / Prix-Garantie


  • Coop sells alcohol and tobacco products, Migros does not!
  • Migros has more own products than Coop
  • Some brands can only be found in one or the other company, for example Migros sells Agnesi pasta, at Coop you find Barilla

Good to know: The Swiss population is split in: “Migros-Kinder” and “Coop-Kinder”, or in English “Migros children” and “Coop children”. The reason is very simple: Migros and Coop are the biggest and oldest supermarket companies in Switzerland and people usually buy either at Coop or at Migros. The preferences to the one or the other company is very often just because of habits. If your mum was buying at Migros, you memories and preferences to some specific Migros-brands will induce you to go to Migros as well. Then you’re a Migros-child. If you are used to Coop-products, you are a Coop-child.

Conclusion: Except for the fact, that Coop sells alcohol and tobacco and Migros does not, the two companies are very similar and have both qualitative good products at a similar price. The preference for one or the other company is really individual. Said this…I am a Migros-child, what are you?

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