Moving to Switzerland: Step 5

Save money

Premise: Switzerland is the most expensive country in Europe, so sooner or later, you will need to deal with the question “How much money do I need to move to Switzerland?”. Unfortunately, there is no universal answer, but I gave my best to give you some good estimates! Overall, the more money, the better! 😉

Checklist: How much money do I need to move to Switzerland?

  1. Legal: Money for papers (for example work permit) and bureaucracy (registration in the community, etc): 200 CHF / person. Note: Costs for documents in your own country are not taken into account.
  2. Accommodation: from 0 CHF (if you can live for free at a family’s/friend’s home) up to 1’500 CHF / person / month rent + 4’500 CHF deposit. Note: This is an estimation, there is no upper limit for rents. Usually you have to pay the first monthly rent and the deposit of 3 monthly rents before you can move in your new apartment. Check Step 6 for more details about accommodation.
  3. Furniture: from 300 up to 2’000 CHF / person (if you have to buy all your furniture).
  4. Goods: from 100 CHF (if you live with family/friends) up to 400 CHF / person (to buy food, toilet paper, soap, towels, dishes, pots, etc. electronics not counted).
  5. Internet, phone: from 100 up to 150 CHF / person / month for internet and phone subscriptions.
  6. Health Insurance: from 250 up to 700 CHF / person /month. Note: Health insurance prices depend on your age (the older the more expensive) and how high your “Health Insurance deductible” is (the higher the deductible the less expensive the insurance). Be aware that you have to pay between 300 CHF and 2’500 CHF / year of deductible on your own if you are getting sick.
  7. Other insurances/costs: up to 1’500 CHF / year (car insurance) + 500 CHF / year (car registration) + 500 CHF / year (liability insurance / household insurance).
  8. Living costs: Money that you need if you want to survive until you get your first pay: from 600 up to 1’500 CHF / person / month (for gasoline/public transport, food, other expenses).
  9. Reserves: from 500 CHF / person up to unlimited (the more the better).

Conclusion: Even in the best case, I would absolutely not recommend you to move to Switzerland with less than 2’500 CHF / person. For this reason, start to save up on time and try to estimate your personal expenses!

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Gerdaknows is not a legal counselor and does not take any responsibilities about the correctness and completeness of the information. Gerdaknows does not tolerate racism, sexism, insults, mobbing, etc..

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