Move to Switzerland: The real reasons

Premise: When I tell people that I live in Switzerland, it happens that some of them expect that I am already a millionaire and that I’m earning 10.000 euro per month without really working. Unfortunately, even with a Master and a couple of years of work experience in Switzerland I am not even close to such a high salary. I definitely don’t want to complain about my situation! What I want to say is, that many people have a complete distorted and unrealistic view of Switzerland and the life here.

If you’re thinking about starting a life in Switzerland there has to be one or more reasons. In this post, I will share with you four main reasons and show you what you have to take into account to make your own expectations more realistic.

Love: Moving to another country because of love is definitely one of the best motivations, and also very romantic! If your partner already lives here you will profit incredibly of your partner’s experience and help. You can expect that starting a new life in Switzerland and integrate will be easier if your beloved already lives here. But be realistic and take into account that your partner is your partner and not your mum! For sure he/she is willing to help you but he/she cannot integrate you! You need to learn the language, the rules and everything else by yourself. Otherwise you will be dependent on your partner’s help and the relationship will be in danger.

Family/Friends: You want to move to Switzerland because you have relatives or good friends that already live here. Also in this case, you will profit of their help and knowledge. Perhaps they can help you find a job or they let you live at their home. This makes everything much easier! You may expect that moving to Switzerland is really easy peasy, but careful! What I said above fits also here: Your family and friends can be on your side and show you the way but you have to walk by yourself!

Help and safety: Switzerland is a safe and politically stable country with a high life quality, coming to Switzerland because of it, is more than a valid reason. Swiss and (most) resident people have the right to get financial help for example to pay health insurance or university fees if they cannot afford them. Compared to some other countries, we can definitely say that we are living in heaven. Nevertheless, to profit of all these services and benefits in Switzerland, you need to integrate properly. Only if you speak the language you will be able to explain yourself and ask for help, especially because in most cases, (financial) help is going hand in hand with a lot of bureaucratic work.

Job and salary: To get back of what i wrote at the beginning, in Switzerland salaries are really high, even compared to other countries in central Europe. If you are smart, you can expect that you will be able to save money and live a good life. That’s sounds great but I really need to add some comments: First, be aware that in many cases, university degrees and work experience from abroad are meaningless to Swiss companies, meaning that they won’t consider you for some job opportunities. Also, if you don’t speak at least one official Swiss language the chances to get a job decrease extremely. Also, you always have to consider the cost of living, that are much higher than other countries. Finally, Switzerland is the country with the most working hours in Europe, so don’t be shocked if in your new full time job you need to work 42 hours a week.

Before you go to the next step, I suggest to write down on a paper the reasons why you want to move to Switzerland. Think if the reasons are realistic and valid long term, considering what I just wrote above. Keep the paper because it will be your motivation to keep going on even during difficult times!

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