Moving to Switzerland: Step 1

Be ready to integrate

Premise: Indipendently if you are moving to Switzerland or another country, the ultimative goal you should have is to properly integrate in the new country.

I know so many people that physically live in Switzerland, but de facto live in their own small and isolated parallel universe. They are making their lives unbelievably complicated. Only when you integrate in a country you can benefit of your new life.

Integration: According to dictionary “integration is the action or process of successfully joining or mixing with a different group of people”. To integrate successfully in a new country you have to acquire step by step pieces of information about the country and its people, accept them and apply them using your own personality, culture and past as a filter. Also, you have to consider that you have to go the extra mile, just because of the fact that you are a foreigner.

Being ready and willing to integrate in Switzerland is the very first and most important prerequisite.

Conclusion: Before you go to the next step, I suggest you to hold on a moment and think about integration. Are you ready to spend time and energy to learn the culture, the language(s) and the habits of Switzerland? If YES, let’s go to step 2!:)

Bonus: For all nerds over there, I tried to describe the process of integration with a pseudo-mathematical formula. You can find the formula and a description with examples in my bonus post.

Go to the next step: PROs and CONs

Gerdaknows is not a legal counselor and does not take any responsibilities about the correctness and completeness of the information. Gerdaknows does not tolerate racism, sexism, insults, mobbing, etc..

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