Move to Switzerland: Table of contents

Introduction: A short welcome post from Gerdakwnows. Click here.

Step 1 “The integration formula”: An explanation about what integration in a new country means and how it can be described in a pseudo-mathematical formula. Click here.

Step 2 “The real reason”: A post to make you rethink about the reason(s) why you want to move to Switzerland and make your expectations more realistic. Click here.

Step 3 “Pros and cons”: A post about the”pros and cons”-list, with an example and explanation. Click here.

Step 4 “legal opportunities”: Which path is the best to come to Switzerland? Find here how to cross the wood and get reliable information. Click here.

Step 5 “How much money?”: How much money do you need to move to Switzerland? Click here.

Step 6 “Accommodation?”: Available from 25th of January.

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