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I want to MOVE to Switzerland.

Are you thinking about moving to Switzerland but you aren’t sure if Switzerland is the right place for you or you don’t know where to start planning? Find here the detailed posts 7 steps before moving to Switzerland or watch the YouTube video first to get an idea!

I want to KNOW Switzerland.

How to pay bills in Switzerland and where to buy food? The Switzerland’s “Good to know” posts are short texts about different topics connected to Switzerland and Swiss life. Check here the posts’ overview!


Swiss Supermarkets

Switzerland’s Good to know

What is Migros and what can I buy there? Where to buy my food? Which supermarkets exist in Switzerland? Find here an overview of Swiss supermarkets and food stores! Read more here…

Find a job!

Moving to Switzerland: Step 7

Where can I search for job opportunities and what should I know before I start applying for a job in Switzerland? Read more here…

Migros vs. Coop

Switzerland’s Good to know

What is the difference between Switzerland’s biggest supermarket companies Migros and Coop? And what do they have in common? What is a Migros- and Coop-child? Read more here…


Moving to Switzerland: step 6

Where to find an accommodation? Find here useful advises related to your accommodation research in Switzerland. Read more here…

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