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How much money?

Moving to Switzerland: step 5

How much money do you need to save up before you come to Switzerland? What kind of expenses should you expect right after moving to Switzerland? Find here a cost estimation! Read more here…

PROs and CONs

Moving to Switzerland: step 3

Have you already written your PROs and CONs list about the advantages and disadvantages of moving to Switzerland? Do you need an example? Have you already considered the weather? Read more here…

Migros vs. Coop

Switzerland’s Good to know

What is the difference between Switzerland’s biggest supermarket companies Migros and Coop? And what do they have in common? What is a Migros- and Coop-child? Read more here…


Moving to Switzerland: step 6

Where to find an accommodation? What kind of accommodation types exist? Find here useful advises related to your accommodation research in Switzerland. Read more here…


I want to MOVE to Switzerland.

Are you thinking about moving to Switzerland but you aren’t sure if Switzerland is the right place for you? Or perhaps you already decided that Switzerland is going to be your future home, but you don’t know where to start planning? Find here the step by step guide!

What is Gerdaknows?

Gerdaknows is a new blog about moving, living and integrating in Switzerland!

Gerdaknows is a blog that wants to give you advices, information and inputs about moving and living in Switzerland with the main goal of integrating properly in swiss society.
Gerdaknows gives you space to connect with other people in your similar situation in a safe and friendly environment.
Gerdaknows wants to be your guide to reach your goal of moving, living and integrating in Switzerland.

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